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What Is Mix The Mix Hosting ? : Mix The Mix Hosting came about after hearing from DJ's all over the world that the one thing they find hard is getting webspace for their mixes. They can host their websites with providers, but can't get the massive storage & huge bandwidth allowance without paying sky high prices.


We offer both at prices that you will find hard to beat anywhere on the net.


Why Should I Choose Mix The Mix ? : Because we give you more for less. Where else can you get ...


Huge amounts of webspace we offer ?

Superfast servers we operate ?

Free Unlimited bandwidth we offer ?

Free MP3 streaming we offer ?

Free name of your choice www.dj sub domain name we offer ?

Free Personal FTP Server with your personal password


For The Prices We Offer ?????????


What Can I Upload ? : You can upload all of your own website, pics, video, info, forums, guestbooks eyc ... everything you would normally find on a website.


Personal DJ Mixes. You can place any of your own mixes on your website, you are not allowed to host mixes from other DJ's such as guest mixes Etc ... If you have friends who want you to host their mixes tell them to apply for an account with us.


You are also not permitted to upload any forms of illegal files IE: Warez Software, Any Form Of Adult Content, Pornography  Etc ...


How Much Space Can I Have ? : For £19 per year you get 100 Meg, for £29 per year you can host 500 Meg & for £49 per year you can host 1 Gig.


How Do I Upload My Music To Mix The Mix ? : When your application is verified you will be sent full instructions on how to upload to your site via your own personal FTP account.


What If I Can't Design A Website ? : If You don't know how to design your own website, you can use the default page we install for you for your mixes. Just upload them into your mix folder & because you get a free MP3 Player / Streamer already installed for you which even allows your mix to be downloaded from within it, there is nothing you need to do :-) You can change this default page yourself using any Html editor IE: Frontpage Etc ...


Got Any Questions ? Email Us


Once your account has been accepted you will be sent an email giving you detailed instructions on how to upload to your site. Contained within this will be your personal Username & Password along with the FTP address to log on to.


All that remains is for you to upload your mixes via FTP. For windows XP users it's a simple task of typing our FTP address in your browser & typing your name & password !!! That's It !!!



Terms & Conditions: Important Please Read ...

Please Note: Accounts will be suspended & mixes or tracks will be deleted if your account is over your set limit.


You must always have a homepage on your site ( We provide a default one ) - Our providers make it a condition that content hosted must reflect the website content of your .dj website.


Please note this site is for personal DJ mixes only - This means mixes you have mixed yourself whether it be using vinyl or mp3.


You can also host original tracks ( Singles ) that have been created by you.


You cannot host remixes that you don't have permission to remix.


You cannot host single tracks of commercial material - All commercial tracks must be part of a mix set for promotional purposes only & not for sale or retail gain.


You are also not allowed to host guest mixes and or tracks for any 3rd parties. In other words you can't upload mixes from or for your friends or anyone else. If they want you to, tell them to apply for an account.


You are not allowed to sell your mixes from our servers.


All mixes you place in your folder are done so at your own risk & Mix The Mix does not take any responsibility for them through internet failure etc ...


Please make sure you keep a backup copy of your work as Mix The Mix do not guarantee their safety against accidental deletion or server crashes etc ..


No illegal files, warez, adult content, pornography or the likes may be uploaded toour servers - Only personal mp3 mixes & tracks along with personal webpage content.


No passworded files may be uploaded to our servers.


You are not permitted to give your FTP Username or Password to any 3rd parties either.


If we find anyone not complying with these rules we will delete the account instantly without notice.


If you have any problems please get in touch via email or MSN Messenger ... mixthemix@hotmail.com


We would be grateful if you would mention us for hosting your mix in any advertising on forums etc ... Example: Thanks To www.mixthemix.com ( Linked ) For The Hosting.


Regards On Behalf Of


Mix The Mix

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